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What are the different types of translation certification that exist?

Translation requirements and certifications vary from country to country. That’s why it is important to know what you need to guarantee you have the complete paperwork for your requesting authority. Our translators are experts in national and local regulations and can provide you with the specific certification required for your Arabic translation.

  • Are you required to prove your translation is certified?
  • A Certificate of Translation Accuracy is an official document that certifies the precision of our translations. It is printed on company letterhead and includes the necessary stamps and signatures to ensure acceptance by numerous authoritative bodies, including USCIS. This supplementary document is needed for a translation to be considered certified. At Formal Translations, we provide a complimentary Certificate of Translation Accuracy for all certified translations ordered.

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  • Does your translation need to be notarized?
  • A notarized translation is a translation of a document that has been certified by a notary public. The translation itself may have been performed by a certified translator, but this is not required for it to be notarized. Notarized translations are often requested by foreign entities to fulfill specific institutional requirements.

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  • Do you need to provide an affidavit of translation?
  • An affidavit of translation is a sworn statement from your translator attesting to their competency and the faithfulness of your certified translation to the original. Unlike a Certificate of Translation Accuracy, the affidavit is given under oath, and must be completed in the presence of a qualified witness.

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How Our Professional Arabic Translation Process Works

Step 1

Submit your Arabic-language document via email and choose your target language.

Step 2

Remit payment through one of our approved payment gateways.

Step 3

Stand by while we assign your project to a certified Arabic translator for completion.

Step 4

Await delivery while we proofread, edit, and assure the quality of your new translation.

Step 5

Receive the translated document within 24 hours along with all requested certifications including a free Certificate of Translation Accuracy.

Types of Documents for Our English to Arabic Translation Services

Our English to Arabic translation covers all types of documents. That way, you have everything you need so your paperwork is complete.

The kinds of documents we translate from English into Arabic most often include:

  • checkBirth certificate
  • checkPassport
  • checkID card
  • checkMarriage certificate
  • checkBank statement
  • checkDeath certificate
  • checkDriver's license
  • checkPower of attorney
  • checkDiploma
  • checkTax records

Our Clients Usually Request Arabic to English Translation Services for These Certificates

Clients who wish to explore, work, or live in the United States or other English-speaking countries must translate some of their most vital documents.


We translate any document from Arabic to English, including: 

  • checkBirth certificates
  • checkMarriage certificates
  • checkPowers of attorney
  • checkDiplomas
  • checkMedical records
  • checkDepositions

Our Arabic Document Translation Services Online in Three Easy Steps

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Document Translation From Arabic to Any Language

With over 20,000 professional translators available, we can translate your Arabic documents into dozens of world languages.


Customers who hold Arabic documents frequently request that we translate them into:

  • checkSpanish
  • checkVietnamese
  • checkGerman
  • checkRussian
  • checkChinese
  • checkFrench
  • checkItalian
  • checkKorean
  • checkJapanese
  • checkPortuguese
  • checkTurkish
  • checkAnd more

Secure Your Guaranteed Translation in One Day

Get the job done right the first time by allowing one of our professional, native-speaking translators conform your translated documents to local standards. Receive a certified translation from Arabic to English within 24 hours and benefit from our full one-year guarantee.

Engage a Certified Arabic Translator Who Specializes in Multiple Dialects

At Formal Translations, we recruit the best translators from Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations. Most of our Arabic translators make their homes in:

  • checkSaudi Arabia
  • checkEgypt
  • checkUnited Arab Emirates
  • checkQatar
  • checkKuwait
  • checkTunisia
  • checkMorocco
  • checkTurkey

FormalTranslations.com offers top-notch translation services for certificates and other official documents a wealth of languages around the world. As part of the Tomedes Group established in 2007, FormalTranslations.com blends certified translation expertise with a client-centered philosophy to elevate your translation journey into a seamless, meaningful, and 100% worry-free experience.


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