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Marriage & Permanent Residency: K1 Visa

For a successful K-1 visa application, the translation of documents is critical - as stated earlier. This visa lets foreign fiancé(e)s of U.S. citizens enter the U.S. for marriage within 90 days. Following the union, permanent residency can be sought. Here are some guidelines for individuals from the following countries:

Study, Work & Cultural Engagement: J Visa

The J visa demands precise document translation. It's designed for individuals engaging in cultural, work, and study exchange programs. Highlighting categories such as students and interns. We've compiled a few translation guidelines for some notable countries. According to statistics, applications for this kind of visa often come from:

Relatives & Students: IR and F Visa

Precise translations are key for the IR Visa (for immediate U.S. citizen relatives) and the F Visa (for students). These visas assist family reunions and academic pursuits in the U.S. Here are some detailed translation guidelines for the following countries:

Trade & Investment Visas: E Visa

The E Visa targets nationals from treaty countries involved in trade or investing in U.S. businesses. Ensuring qualified and certified translation of your documents is fundamental. Applicants for such visa often come from:

Lottery-Based Immigration Translation Guide: DV Translation

The U.S. Diversity Visa program focuses on countries with fewer U.S. immigrants. Successful applicants can secure a green card. To navigate this lottery-based process, adhere to translation guidelines for the following notable countries: